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Recharge Brass Music with the Chicago Brass Band

Donate to the Chicago Brass Band between Giving Tuesday (November 29th) and our Winter Concert (December 11th) to help recharge live music and bring the arts back to those who need it most!

Recharge - Bringing Brass Back

One of the many casualties of COVID was the performing arts. People whose livelihoods depended on income from the performance of live music were of course hit very very hard, but so were the audiences and fans who enjoy going to see live music by groups like the Chicago Brass Band. Recharge - Bringing Brass Back is a program by the Chicago Brass Band designed to rebuild the areas of the performing arts that have been hit the hardest by the pandemic.

Your donation will help us recharge three areas of the performing arts that have been impacted most by the pandemic:

  • Awakening audiences through low-to-no-cost live performances

  • Inspiring young musicians through Project Horizon

  • Engaging with senior living and other marginalized communities

Awakening Audiences

As the pandemic fades and live music returns, we've realized that we need to rebuild audiences through whatever means necessary. And it's not just us - every performing arts organization has been impacted by the drop in attendance. One of the reasons we've moved to making our concerts free for attendees is to remove the most obvious object - cost - to attending live performances. We firmly believe that by building audiences we can not only build our own audience, but also those of other community ensembles who are facing the same challenges.

Your donation will help us continue to spread our message of music to as many audiences as possible, with low-to-no-cost performances that bring fans both new and old back to performance venues.

Inspiring Young Musicians With Project Horizon

Community outreach has always been an important part of the mission of the Chicago Brass Band, and nothing symbolizes that more than Project Horizon. We aim to inspire students with the knowledge that you don't need to be a professional musician, or even go to music school, to play and experience music at a high level. Through Project Horizon we offer master classes to young musicians, joint performance opportunities with youth music organizations and local schools, and more.

Your donation enables us to engage and partner with local school music programs, booster clubs, and other organizations to provide unique educational opportunities for young musicians.

Engaging Marginalized Communities

One of the pillars of the growth of the Chicago Brass Band has been our strong connection to many senior living communities throughout the Chicagoland area. Our performances gave residents of these communities the chance to see high-level musicianship and performance quality while supplementing critical social programs. Many members of these communities would routinely reach out to us to tell us how much they enjoyed meeting the performers, as well as having the opportunity to socialize with their fellow residents while enjoying the performing arts.

The pandemic had devastating effects on many of these communities. Your donation enables the Chicago Brass Band to partner with more of these communities, bringing live music to those who need it most.


How can I donate?

Helping out is easier than ever - simply elect a donation amount and frequency on the form to the right, and your donation will be sent to the Chicago Brass Band to help recharge community music.

Literally any amount, even if it's only $1, will help us achieve our goal. Your donation will immediately be put to use recharging performing arts, bringing brass back to those who need it most.

The Chicago Brass Band is a 501(c)3 charitable musical education organization, and your donations may be tax-deductible! Consult with your tax professional for more information.

Help us Recharge and Bring Brass Back with your generous donation!

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