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Thank you for helping us RECHARGE

To all of our fans and friends,

The Chicago Brass Band is incredibly thankful for your generosity! We started project recharge with the hope of maybe raising $2,000, and set an ambitious (to us) goal of $5,000 as our campaign target. Your generosity helped us smash past that goal and pull in over $9,200 to help us reconnect with enthusiastic musicians and patrons throughout the Chicagoland area. We wanted to say thank you to all who participated in the Recharge campaign:

  • Kathleen and Ray Billock

  • Mark and Erin Billock

  • Matt and Kiley Billock

  • Jodi Caldwell

  • Keith Cook

  • David Corkins

  • Jeff Crylen

  • Katherine Donelson

  • Brigid and Art Gesell

  • Trupti Gokani, MD

  • Daniel Heffner

  • Susan Jarzembski

  • Craig and Karen Johnson

  • Kathleen Leahy

  • Michael Lewis

  • Andy and Beth Malovance

  • Debra Moore

  • Greg Murray

  • Jack and Donna Painter

  • Stephen Pass

  • Don Phelps

  • George Quinlan

  • Matthew Sheppard

  • Scott Szala

  • Joyce Turnbull

  • Evolution Yoga

  • Errin Ipjian

Without your generosity, none of our work to reconnect with marginalized communities, inspire young musicians, and rebuild audiences would be possible.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you all!

The Chicago Brass Band


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